Pilot Facility

Osaka factory

Our infrastructure includes microwave oscillators ranging from 0.434 GHz up to 10 GHz.

Pilot Facility No. 1 and No. 2 both contain multiple separate rooms, equipped with microwave equipment.

M3K (Hazardous materials production)

M3K(Hazardous materials production)Control systemMicrowave Reactor

Building area 157.78㎡
Total floor area 294.92㎡
No. of rooms 6
Annual production capacity 3,200t*Currently not used following changes to our business model
Year built 2014

Constructed in 2014, M3K was the world’s first chemical plant to use microwaves.
The processes employed in this low-energy, high-efficiency, compact chemical plant only require 1/3 the energy, 1/10 the heating time, and 1/5 the footprint compared to conventional method. This plant proved that microwave process could be used in a large-scale commercial setting compliant to regulatory requirements.

Pilot Facility No. 1 (Hazardous materials production)

Pilot Facility No. 1 (Hazardous materials production)

Building area 360.40㎡
Total floor area 654.5㎡
No. of rooms 9
Year built 2014

Pilot Facility No. 2 (Hazardous materials production)

Pilot Facility No. 2 (Hazardous materials production)

Building area 518.58㎡
Total floor area 996.76㎡
No. of rooms 13
Year built 2019

List of microwave oscillators at Osaka Plant

Frequency Oscillator type Rated output No. of machines
915 MHz Megatron 100kW 3
30kW 1
25kW 1
2.46 GHz Megatron 10kW 2
2.45 GHz Megatron 6kW 16
1kW 2
Semiconductor 200W 2
5.8 GHz Semiconductor 150W 2
10 GHz Semiconductor 150W 1