Microwave absorption capacity measurement

Microwave absorption capacity measurement apparatus (complex dielectric constant)

Subjecting a sample to high frequency waves and microwaves, obtaining amplitude and phase information make it possible to measure its electrical properties. Understanding the microwave absorption properties of the target molecule is crucial to achieving efficient and uniform microwave heating in industrial applications.

  • Measuring the complex permittivity of a liquid: coaxial probe method
  • Measuring the complex permittivity of a solid: resonator method
  • Measuring the complex permittivity of a solid: resonator method

Reaction design

Microwave Laboratory Equipment

We don’t just use commercially available microwave equipment but also design our own. These are compatible with a wide range of media and reaction types, including liquids, solids (powders, pellets, slurries, films, etc.), gas-solid systems, drying, and distillation, and can also cope with special conditions such as strong electric fields, high temperatures, and high- or low-pressure environments.

  • Egg-one
  • Microwave solid-phase synthesis apparatus
  • 0.915 GHz waveguide (TE10)
  • 2.45 GHz waveguide (TE10)

List of microwave reaction apparatus

Mode Frequency(MHz) Power(w) Product name Supplier
Single 2450 300 Discover CEM
Single 2450 300 Discover SP CEM
Multi 2450 1,000 START SYNTH Milestone
Multi 2450 1,000 Roto Synth Milestone
Multi 2450 700 M-Reactor EX Shikoku Instrumentation CO.,LTD.
Multi 2450 1,000 M-Reactor EX Shikoku Instrumentation CO.,LTD.
Single 2450 400 Initiator Biotage
Single 2450 200 Fuji Electronic Ind. Co.
Single 915 200 Fuji Electronic Ind. Co.
Single(TM010) 2450 100 Ryowa Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Single(TM010) 915 300 Ryowa Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Single(TM010) 434 100 Ryowa Electronics Co.,Ltd.


MHz 434 915 2450 5880 10000
Magnetron Type
Semiconductor Type


Our in-house analysis capabilities

  • FE-SEM
  • XRD
  • AFM
  • LC-MS

List of analytical equipment

Equipment name
Composition analysis HPLC (RI, UV, ELSD detectors)
GC (FID, TCD detectors)
Physical property analysis TG-DTA
Tensile testers
Advanced spectroscopic analysis UV-Vis spectrophotometers
IR spectrophotometers
Measurement and surface analysis SEM
BET adsorption specific surface area / pore distribution meters
Particle size distribution meters