Production plant

The world’s first large-scale microwave
chemical plant starts operation.
We will challenge the world with this technology.

In March 2014, the world’s first large-scale microwave chemical plant started operation under 24-hour automatic control. The plant, in addition to producing solvent for a major ink maker, will subsequently begin producing high-value-added products, which are currently under joint development with a leading company.

  • World's first scale-up.

    Although a “microwave chemical process” has been realized in laboratories, there has been no successful example of large scale operation.

  • Reduction to one-third

    In the conventional method involving heating the entire furnace, the furnace must be heated to 200°C, and the reaction time took 10 to 24 hours. In Production plant, by using the microwave process, we have succeeded in lowering the temperature inside the reactor to 100-120°C and reducing the reaction time to 1-2 hours. As a result, energy consumption can be reduced to one-third of the conventional process.

  • Small footprint / Site area reduction to one-fifth

    The site area of the chemical plant is reduced to one-fifth of a conventional plant while achieving a production capacity of 3200t annual output.
    Total floor area: 294.92m2

  • Novel control system

    Our company's control system featuring novel analytical software is introduced to control the safety management of microwaves in real time at the plant.

Production plant infrastructure
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