Scaling Up of Microwave Reactor

Scaling Up of Microwave Reactor

Although microwaves are known to be useful in chemical reactions, the difficulty involved in scaling up is cited as one reason why this technology has not been industrially applied in chemical processes both domestically and abroad.

Our company has been working on this problem since its inception, and in the spring of 2009 succeeded in developing a flow-type microwave reactor (Model #1) for 2t/day production. We also launched a 2t/day, large-scale, flow-type microwave reactor (Model #2) for chemical production in 2011.

Subsequently, in March 2014, we launched M3K, the world’s first large-scale microwave chemical plant, in Suminoe, Osaka.

electric field analysis

We perform electric field simulation of the reaction system inside the microwave reactor using the dielectric loss coefficient of the reaction system obtained.

Obtaining information on the electromagnetic field, which is invisible to the eye, enables us to optimize reactor design.


Benefits of the electric field simulation of the reactor:
  • Enables us to optimize the shape and the internal structure without prototyping many reactors;
  • Enables us to check if the electromagnetic wave enters into the reactor uniformly or not;
  • Enables us to check if the microwave leaks to the outside of the reactor or not;
  • Enables us to design a highly safe reactor;
    Target Reactor type Frequency /
Temp. /
Thermometer Pressure Lab Bench Pilot Factory
System A
Class I General Chemical Horizontal flow 2.45 ~ 125 thermocouple / optical fiber / IR normal        
System B
Class II Polymer/Performance material Horizontal flow 0.915 / 2.45 ~ 250 thermocouple / optical fiber / IR ~ 5 kPa        
Class III Nano^particle/Carbon Horizontal flow/Batch 0.915 / 2.45 / 5.8 ~ 1000 thermocouple / IR /~ 5 kPa        
System B
Class IV Bulk Chemical/Fuel Vertical flow 0.915 / 2.45 / 5.8 ~ 600 thermocouple / optical fiber / IR -        


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