In order to perform pilot scale testing using microwaves, we have built a pilot facility in the Osaka Plant and prepared infrastructure which enables us to perform various reaction tests using microwaves. We also have world-leading equipment which enables us to correspond to microwave frequency/ output of 915MHz to 5.8GHz, and power of few kw to 100kw, respectively.

Polyester synthesis using microwaves

Merits of microwave heating
Advantage over normal heating
  • Promotions of reaction and reduction of reaction time
  • High purity product and low by-product
  • Energy saving
  • Usage of none or low amount of solvent
  • Rapid heating and internal heating
Effective for the process of:
  • Long reaction time
  • High reaction temperature
  • High purity required
Reaction example of polyester and the effect of microwave heating
  • In synthesis by microwave irradiation, it is possible to selectively remove water.
  • Because dehydration condensation reaction is promoted, reaction time and energy consumption is reduced compared to conventional methods.

Reaction example of polyester and the effect of microwave heating

Microwave pilot plant/pilot reactor summary / Location: Suminoe Ward, Osaka

◇Processing capacity: 1000t/year  ◇Process: Continuous Flow ◇Processing capacity: 1000t/year
◇Process: Continuous Flow
マイクロ波リアクター Microwave reactor (G6,G7)

MW frequency Reactor A Reactor B
MW frequency 915MHz 2450MHz
Maximum output 100kW 12kW
Temperature Within 250℃ Within 250℃
Liquid capacity 380L 400L
Pressure Ambient pressure Ambient pressure to 5kPa
Number of tanks 6 4
Estimated viscosity Slurry to within 3000mPa・s Within 7000mPa・s


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