Started shipment of eco-friendly chemical products.

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd., a microwave chemistry R&D venture, began full operation of the world’s first mass production microwave chemical technology process and commercial shipment of fatty acid esters, which are an eco-friendly chemical product, to major ink manufacturer Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. had been working on the co-development of the microwave process as an innovative technology that is “energy saving, highly efficient, and compact” with the microwave chemistry joint research seminar at the Osaka University School of Engineering.

As its first product using the above process, the company had been developing an eco-friendly fatty acid ester using inedible natural resources, which are currently disposed as waste, for use as a raw material. The first commercial shipment of the product began last year.

Because this process enables production under continuous reaction using microwaves, it produces fatty acid esters with high purity through ultra-low energy reaction.

Following this mass production commercialization, a plan is in motion to launch a large-scale mother plant capable of several thousand t/year production as a new manufacturing base before the end of 2013. In the future, the goal is to promote the sales of chemical products centered on various fatty acid esters, develop a new use for resin additive/lubricants and the like, and popularize the microwave process within the chemical and energy industries.

Microwaves are also used in microwave ovens and all over the world as an extremely efficient and cheap method of heating. In recent years, there have been various reports on the superiority of the application of microwaves to a chemical reaction at a laboratory scale; however, scale increase of the microwave chemical process for industrial application had not been achieved.

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