Strategic Alliance between by Microwave Chemistry Co., Ltd. & Iwatani Corporation —To co-develop next genration materials utilizing microwave technology and establish new business.

January 23, 2018

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

Iwatani Corporation



Strategic Alliance Formed by Microwave Chemistry Co., Ltd. & Iwatani Corporation

—To co-develop next-generation materials utilizing microwave technology and establish new business.



Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Suita-shi, Osaka; President: Iwao Yoshino; hereinafter "MWCC") and Iwatani Corporation (Head offices: Osaka-shi, Osaka and Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mitsuhiro Tanimoto; Paid-in capital: 20 billion yen; hereinafter "Iwatani") are pleased to announce strategic alliance to develop next generation materials for metal powder and metal compound powder. MWCC and Iwatani will establish new business focusing on commercialization of advanced material by combining MWCC’s R&D capability and Iwatani’s business network. 


MWCC has been pursuing the potential of microwave technology in manufacturing domain. 


Iwatani has been  focusing on open innovation collaborating with various research institutes and companies. 

Microwave process is suited for nanomaterial, which allows completely different features from conventional method.  These products can meet the challenges required by increased demand for high quality materials triggered by progress of new device such as self-driving cars, smart  home appliances, and phones. Iwatani and MWCC, together, will realize this   innovation. 



*Microwave chemical platform technology

Microwave platform technology consisits of (1) designing
 - reaction at the molecular level based on unique data base and
 - reactor utilizing electromagnetic and fluid dynamic simulation.
and (2) technology portfolio ranging from microwave generator to

By transmitting energy directly to the molecule, the microwave platform
technology is highly energy efficient, low cost and small footprint.
The technology also enables production of novel materials with
superior quality which could not be produced by conventional method.



【Company Profile】


Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

Iwatani Corporation

1. Establishment

August 2007

February 1945

2. Address

2-8 Yamadaoka, Suita-shi, Osaka

Osaka Head Office: 6-4, Hommachi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka  Tokyo Head Office: 21-8, Nishi-shimbashi 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

3. Paid-in capital

3,814 million yen

 (including legal capital surplus)

20,096 million yen

4. Business


(1)R&D and engineering

 of microwave process

(2)Licencing of microwave process

(3)Production and sales of products utilizing microwave process

(1)Energies focusing on liquefied petroleum (LP) gas and portable gas stoves

(2) Industrial gases for manufacturing and machinery businesses including robots

(3) Materials including mineral sands and rare earths

(4) Agricultural biology (agri-bio) & foods including frozen and health foods

5. Number of



1,464 (as of October 31, 2017)


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Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Iwatani Corporation

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FAX +81-6-6170-7596