Create a world we have never seen.


Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. will innovate the chemical/energy industry
by utilizing novel microwave chemical platform technology.

Production method of fuel and chemical has basically not changed for a century consuming
vast amount of energy. Chemical and energy industry consumes 30% of the global industrial
energy usage, and emits 17 percent of the carbon dioxide gas, manufacturing facility occupies
large footprint. We developed an innovative process utilizing microwave that
“saves energy”, “efficient” and “compact”.

Chemical reactions require energy.
Since the rise of the chemical industry 150 years ago, the industry has relied on transmission of energy through external and indirect means of heating an entire object.
Microwaves, which are also used in microwave ovens, transmit energy internally and directly to specific molecules only.
We took this technology and developed a unique manufacturing process to design a chemical reaction at a molecular level that is an “energy-saving,” “highly efficient,” and “compact” production.

We will spread this microwave chemical process throughout the chemical and energy industry.

Co-Founder, CEO

Iwao Yoshino

Co-Founder, CSO

Yasunori Tsukahara

Message from the co-founder

Microwave Chemical, Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 to realize our desire to
“spread innovative technologies from Japan to the world,”
“establish a new technology venture in Japan,” and
“start a business that contributes to environmental protection.”
We are committed to the challenge of promoting a new industry in the area where the

diverse fields of chemistry, microwaves, and engineering intersect.


Contact Number


〒565-0871 Photonics Center 5F, 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka
FAX +81-6-6170-7596