• August 2007

    Found in Kyoto.

  • October 2008

    Moved company head quarter to Saito Bio-Innovation Center.

  • March 2009

    Started operation of first generation continuous flow reactor(MWF1 – for biodiesel production) at Shimaya Business Incubator.

  • January 2011

    JPY 120,000,000 as a series A funding from UTEC.

  • March

    Raised operation of second generation continuous flow reactor (MWF2 – for chemical production) at Hyogo , Kobe , Hyogo.

  • June

    Won third place of in the world in Global Entrepreneurship Competition of the BizBarcelona-2011 held in Barcelona.

  • November

    Changed its name from the microwave environment Chemical Co., Ltd. to microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • December

    Basic patent “No.4874411” granted.

  • August 2012

    Shipped first commercial product, fatty acid esters, from Kobe plant.

  • October

    Moved head quarter to Techno Alliance 3F 2-8 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka.

  • May 2013

    Raised JPY 700,000 as series B funding from UTEC, NVCC, Shinsei-bank and JAFCO to accelerate R&D and nd start-up of the Osaka plant.

  • March 2014

    Commencement of Osaka factory (M3K/Pilot facility)

  • June

    Raised 1.2 billion yen as Series C round from INCJ, JAFO, UTEC, and NVCC to accelerate R&D and strengthen business development.

  • October

    Signed a joint development agreement with BASF with the goal of optimizing energy efficiency in the polymer manufacturing process.

  • April 2015

    Established TMT Co., Ltd., a joint venture for manufacturing food additives, with Taiyo Kogaku.

  • November

    They raised the funds with a series D third-party allocation of the new shares to a total of 880 million yen. The fund is used for the construction of the new plant to be built in a joint venture with Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd. as well as for further business expansion.

  • March 2017

    Completion of microwave-based food additive manufacturing factory in Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture by Taiyo Kagaku Co.,Ltd. and its joint venture


    Raised 400 million yen as Series E round further expanding joint venture business and strengthening development system

  • September

    Microwave Chemical and Mitsui Chemicals have entered into a Strategic Partnership

  • November

    Microwave Chemical and Mitsui Mining & Smelting have entered into a Strategic Partnership

  • November

    Microwave Chemical and Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd. have entered into a Strategic Partnership

  • December

    Microwave Chemical and Iwatani Corporation have entered into a Strategic Partnership

  • March 2019

    Raised 200 million yen as Series F round enhancement of R & D infrastructure such as construction of new demonstration building and promotion of commercialization of joint development project

  • November

    Raised 770 million yen as Series G round for the purpose of strengthening R & D infrastructure such as recruitment and infrastructure development


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